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Excellent Stores opens new branch

Sunday, November 19, 2017
Minister of Trade and Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon at the opening of the newest branch of Excellent Stores Ltd, at Arima, yesterday. At right is managing director Franco Siu Chong.

Franco Siu Chong, managing director of Excellent Stores Ltd, has expressed confidence in the economy of the country well enough to expand his business.

Yesterday, Excellent Stores opened its newest branch and eighth location at The Shops of Arima.

"Why expand at these trying times, with the drop in oil prices and scarcity of foreign exchange? Well, these plans were set in motion three years ago, and we at Excellent Stores believe in the cycle of business, we understand that there are times when business is good, and other times, like now, when it is low. In the past, Excellent Stores have ridden challenging times and have survived."

Siu Chong said they believed in the resilience of the economy of T&T, cared about their citizens’ shopping experience and were committed to maintaining employment for its just under 300 members of staff.