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Let’s not give up hope

Friday, September 8, 2017

I am appealing to all citizens of T&T to engage in hope for the future of our nation.

As we sink into the morass of self pity let us pay attention to all those faithful who engage in spiritual thanksgiving.

Think of those well-meaning men and women who patrol the length and breadth of our island begging us to believe! Not through threats or warnings, but by spreading the message of peace and forgivenesses, with forgiveness being the best cure for our nation.

However, we need to know who we are actually forgiving. This would include, first and foremost, those who developed T&T using labour imported from overseas. It is time for us all to forgive and forget.

Let us relax and be satisfied with and enjoy our beautiful land, appreciate the peace and quiet of the early morning, concentrate on giving a good day’s work for a reasonable salary and, above all, recognise the benefit of moderation in all things.

Let us educate our children on the value of money—put saving for the future at the top of our school curriculum.

It will take decades but eventually we will have a budget that does good for all citizens.


Bayshore T&T